Since the start of Festival do Rio, 19 years ago, the Generation section has been an important and integral part of the festival, and not just to entertain, but equally importantly, to educate.

The Generation team at Festival do Rio have observed that many of the films that come to screen at Festival do Rio are more appropriate for an audience of children and younger audiences. Taking advantage of this, and expanding the scope of Generation, in 2017 the team established the “MG” (Mostra Geração) stamp for suitable titles.

The festival also introduced the Generation Award that was awarded to the best film, chosen by a jury comprising of specialists in the fields of film, culture and education. The aim of the initiative is to expand the reach of important yet fun works so that parents and teachers know they can safely bring their children and students to see these films on the big screen at the cinema.

The films in the running for the Generation Prize in 2017 were:

  • Altas expectativas
  • Atrás hay relámpagos
  • Estiu 1993
  • Hilfe, ich hab meine Lehrerin geschrumpft
  • Historietas assombradas - O filme
  • Light Thereafter
  • Mamá se fue de viaje
  • My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea
  • Que língua você fala?
  • Sobre rodas
  • Tschick
  • Yonlu

In 2017 Generation again offered the Video Forum Program  that helps bring to the big screen films produced in schools or by social projects. The young filmmakers are invited to exchange ideas and experiences on language and technique, helping to improve their use of audiovisual arts as a form of expression.

The traditional Educators' Meeting hosted a debate with specialists about the award-winning documentary Martírio, by anthropologist and indigenist Vincent Carelli, who has been following the Guarani-Kaiowá for seven years and reflects on the historical physical and cultural violence they suffer.

In the workshop category, young visitors were encouraged to make videos in a record time in the Generation Marathon.