In 2017, Festival do Rio screened 75 Brazilian films during the festival, including 59 features and 16 shorts.

“In recent years, Première Brasil has expanded its reach, opening space for Brazilian films in the New Trends and Portraits sidebars. This year the quality of films and the diversity of themes has allowed us to pick Brazilian films to screen in other sections of the festival such as the Panorama, Midnight Movies, Unique Itineraries, Frontiers, Latin Première, Expectations and Generations,” explained Ilda Santiago, the festival executive director, along with Walkiria Barbosa.

Brazilian films that screened outside of Première Brasil’s main competitive section and New Trends included:


  • A Vida Extra-Ordinária by Tarso de Castro (The Extraordinary Life of Tarso de Castro), by Leo Garcia and Zeca Brito, 90 min - World Première
  • Callado (Callado), by Emília Silveira, 80 min - World Première
  • Clara Estrela (Clara Nunes - The Shining Star), by Susanna Lira and Rodrigo Alzuguir, 71 min
  • Desarquivando Alice Gonzaga (Disarchiving Discovering Alice Gonzaga), by Betse de Paula, 82 min
  • Fevereiros (Februaries), by Marcio Debellian, 73 min - World Première
  • Henfil (Henfil), by Angela Zoé, 75 min
  • O Cravo e a Rosa (The Clove and The Rose), by Jorge Farjalla, 90 min – World Première
  • Querido Embaixador (Dear Ambassador), by Luiz Fernando Goulart, 89 min - World Première

Latin Première

  • Invisible (Invisible), by Pablo Giorgelli, FIC, 90 min (Brasil-Argentina)
  • Los territórios (The Territories), by Iván Granovsky, DOC, 101 min (Argentina-Brasil-Palestina)
  • Nadie nos Mire (Nobody's Watching), by Julia Solomonoff, FIC, 90 min (Argentina-Brasil- Colombia)
  • O Gato de Havana (The Cat From Havana), by Dácio Malta, DOC, 87 min Brazilian Première
  • Severina (Severina), by Felipe Hirsch, FIC, 106 min Latin Première

Panorama of World Cinema

  • A Comédia Divina (The Comedy Divine), by Toni Venturi, FIC, 98 min - World Première
  • A Última Chance (The Last Chance), by Paulo Thiago, FIC, 99 min - World Première
  • Berenice Procura (Berenice), by Allan Fiterman, FIC,  88 min - World Première
  • On Yoga the Architecture of Peace (On Yoga the Architecture of Peace), by Heitor Dhalia, DOC, 87 min - World Première


  • Todas As Razões Para Esquecer (All The Reasons To Forget), by Pedro Coutinho, FIC, 90 min - World Première


  • Limpam com Fogo (Fire Cleaning), by César Vieira, Conrado Ferato and Rafael Crespo, DOC, 84 min
  • Livres (Freedom), by Patrick Granja, DOC, 80 min 


  • Que Língua Você Fala? (What Language Do You Speak?), by Elisa Bracher, DOC, 65 min
  • Sobre Rodas (On Wheels), by Mauro D'Addio, FIC, 72 min
  • Yonlu (Yonlu), by Henrique Montanari, FIC, 90 min

Generations: Shorts

  • Caminho dos Gigantes (Way of Giants), by Alois Di Leo, FIC, 12 min
  • Cabelo Bom (Curly Power), by Swahili Vidal, DOC, 15 min
  • Em busca da terra sem males (In search of the Land Without Evil), by Anna Azevedo, DOC, 15 min

Unique Itineraries

  • Maria - Não Esqueça que Eu Venho Dos Trópicos (Maria - Don't Forget I Come From The Tropics), by Francisco C. Martins, DOC, 81 min
  • O  Silêncio é uma Prece (Silence is a Prayer), by Candé Salles, DOC, 80 min
  • Tudo é Projeto (It's All a Plan), by Joana Mendes da Rocha and Patricia Rubano, DOC, 74 min

Midnight Movies

  • Serguei, O Último Psicodélico (Serguei, The Last Psychedelic), by Ching Lee, DOC, 115 min

Midnight: Short

  • Sal (Salt), by Diego Freitas, FIC, 15 min