"Tinta Bruta" (Hard Paint) - Best feature Premier Brasil

The awards for the 20th Festival do Rio were presented during a Gala ceremony at Centro Cultural LSR – Odeon NET/CLARO on Sunday night, 11 November 2018.

“Tinta Bruta” (Hard Paint), by Marcio Reolon and Filipe Matzembacher won the Redentor for best fiction feature screening in Première Brasil. The film also picked up the Redentors from the official jury for the directors’ screenplay, best actor for Shico Menegat’s performance as Pedro; and best supporting actor for Bruno Fernandes as Leo.

Set in Brazil's southern city of Porto Alegre, “Tinta Bruta” (Hard Paint) focuses on a socially repressed young man. Pedro, who only comes out of his shell during chatroom performances, when he strips and smears neon paints on his lithe body. The film premiered at this year’s Berlin Film Festival where it won Best Film in Teddy Awards and was chosen Best Film in Panorama from the CICAE jury.​

Reolon and Matzembacher, are partners in the Porto Alegre based production company Avante Filmes. Their first feature “Beira-Mar” (2015), which also premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, was awarded the prize for best feature at that year’s New Trends section at Festival do Rio and won a Special Jury prize in the Felix Awards.

The festival audiences chose “Deslembro” (Unremember), by Flavia Castro as best fiction feature. The film also won the best supporting actress Redentor for Eliane Giardini’s performance and the FIPRESCI Critics’ prize.

Itala Nandi won the best actress prize for her performance in Clara Linhart and Fellipe Barbosa’s “Domingo”. Valmir do Côco shared the best actor prize for his performance in Tiago Melo’s “Azougue Nazaré”, a film that also picked up the Special Jury Prize and the Redentor for André Sampaio’s editing.

The official jury and the festival audiences agreed on the best documentary screening in Première Brasil, with “Torre das Donzelas” (Maiden’s Tower), by Susanna Lira picking up both prizes. Lira also won the Redentor for best director for a documentary. Lira had previously picked up the festival’s best documentary Redentor for “Positivas” in 2010 and got an Honoury Mention in 2013 for “Damas do Samba.”

Daniel Gonçalves received a Special Mention from the jury for his direction of the documentary “Meu Nome é Daniel” (My Name is Daniel).

Best documentary chosen by the Felix jury for a film dealing with LGBTQ issues was the French / Greek co-production “Obscuro Barroco”, by Evangelia Kranioti which screened in Midnight Docs. The Felix for best feature went to “Sócrates”, by Alex Moratto which screened in New Trends.

The New Trends jury chose “Ilha” (Island), by Ary Rosa and Glenda Nicácio as best film, while the Generation Jury chose Rasko Miljkovic's first feature, Zlogonje (The Witch Hunters), as the best film in Mostra Geração.

As well as the best films winning the iconic Redentor trophy, Festival do Rio also awarded the Prêmio Petrobras de Cinema, a financial prize offered by Brazil’s main oil company, Petrobras, for the commercial distribution of the best feature film in Première Brasil (R$200,000) and the best film in New Trends (R$100,000), as chosen by the official juries. Which respectively in 2018 are “Tinta Bruta” (Hard Paint), by Marcio Reolon and Filipe Matzembacher, and “Ilha” (Island), by Ary Rosa and Glenda Nicácio.

Festival do Rio is made possible thanks to the Incentive Law (Lei de Incentivo) of the Ministry of Culture, as well as the sponsorship of Petrobras, Caixa Seguradoras and other supporters and partners.

Full details of all the films can be found on the Festival do Rio web site. 

The full lists of award winners for Festival do Rio for 2018 is:

Première Brasil - Redentor Trophy - 2018

Best Fiction Feature: “Tinta Bruta” (Hard Paint), by Marcio Reolon and Filipe Matzembacher.

Best Documentary: “Torre das Donzelas” (Maiden’s Tower), by Susanna Lira.

Best Short: “O Órfão” (The Orphan), by Carolina Markowicz.

Special Mention - Short: “Universo Preto Paralelo” (Black Parallel Universe), by Rubens Passaro.

Best Director - Feature Fiction: João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora for “Chuva é Cantoria na Aldeia dos Mortos” (The Dead and the Others).

Best Director - Documentary: Susanna Lira, for “Torre das Donzelas” (Maiden’s Tower).

Special Mention – Documentary Direction: Daniel Gonçalves, for “Meu Nome é Daniel” (My Name is Daniel).

Best Actress: Itala Nandi, for “Domingo”.

Best Actor (tie): Shico Menegat, for “Tinta Bruta” (Hard Paint), and Valmir do Côco, for “Azougue Nazaré”.

Best Supporting Actress: Eliane Giardini, for “Deslembro” (Unremember).

Best Supporting Actor: Bruno Fernandes, for “Tinta Bruta””Tinta Bruta’ (Hard Paint)

Best Editing: André Sampaio, for “Azougue Nazaré”.

Best Cinematography: Renée Nader Messora, for “Chuva é Cantoria na Aldeia dos Mortos” (The Dead and the Others)

Special Jury Prize: “Azougue Nazaré”, by Tiago Melo

Official Jury: Lúcia Murat (chair: director and screenwriter) Joel Zito Araújo (director), Hebe Tabachnik (curator and festival programmer), Koby Gal-Raday (producer), Thomas Ordonneau (producer).

Première Brasil - Audience Awards 2018

Best Fiction Feature: “Deslembro” (Unremember), by Flavia Castro

Best Documentary: “Torre das Donzelas” (Maiden’s Tower), by Susanna Lira

Best Short: “Você não me Conhece” (You Don’t Know Me), by Rodrigo Séllos

Première Brasil Novos Rumos (New Trends) 2018

Best Film: “Ilha” (Island), by Ary Rosa and Glenda Nicácio

Best Short: “Lembra”, de Leonardo Martinelli

Special Jury Prize: “Inferninho” (My Own Private Hell), by Pedro Diogenes and Guto Parente

Honorary Jury Mentions: 

  • “Mormaço” (Sultry), by Marina Meliande
  • Eduarda Fernandes for her performance in “Luna”, by Cris Azzi
  •  Alexandre Amador for his performance in the short “Vigia” (Night Watch), by João Victor Borges
  •  Verónica Valenttino for her performance in the short “Jéssika”, by Galba Gogóia

Novos Rumos Jury: Tatiana Leite (producer), Babu Santana, (actor) and João Luiz Vieira (professor). 

FIPRESCI Awards (Critics’ Prize) 2018

Best Film: “Deslembro” (Unremember), by Flavia Castro

FIPRESCI Jury: (made up of the critics): Eduardo Valente, Luciana Costa Almeida, Olivier Pelissone and Tatiana Trindade.

Felix Awards 2018

The winners, selected from 39 films screening in this year’s Festival do Rio that in some way dealt with LGBTQ culture and topics, are:

Best Feature: “Sócrates”, by Alex Moratto

Best Documentary: “Obscuro Barroco”, by Evangelia Kranioti (France / Greece)

Special Jury Prize: “Inferninho”, by Guto Parente and Pedro Diogenes

Felix Personality of the Year (Suzy Capo Award): Saulo Xavier de Brito Amorim

Felix Jury: Adriana L. Dutra, (documentary filmmaker), Claudia Saldanha, (director of the Paço Imperial, Master of Visual Arts), Felipe Sholl, (director and screenwriter) and Vicente de Mello (photographer and curator).

Generation Awards 2018

Mostra Geração Best Film: Zlogonje (The Witch Hunters) by Rasko Miljkovic (Macedonia)

Mostra Jury: Marcus Tadeu de Souza Tavares, Marcia Costa Rodrigues, Ciro Sales.