Here are the movies for the Premiere Latina at the Festival do Rio 2016


Programme 2016

DP Dubbed Portuguese

LE Spanish Subtitles

LEI Electronic Subtitles English

LEP Electronic Subtitles Portugues

LF French Subtitles

LI English Subtitles

LP Portuguese Subtitles

SL Without Subtitles


Listed: Portuguese title/Original title/English title

A REGIÃO SELVAGEM (La Region Salvage/The Untamed), by Amat Escalante. 100'. Mexico 2016.

Alejandra is a young mother who raises her two children in a small town with her husband Angel. Her brother  Fabian works as a nurse at the local hospital. Their provincial lives are disrupted with the arrival of the mysterious Veronica, a sexy woman who will put to check family values which hypocrisy, homophobia, and misogyny, until now, had governed local morals. Veronica convinces everyone that in a nearby forest, at a secluded cabin, there is something out of this world which will serve as answer to everyone's’ problems. Silver Lion for best director at Venice 2016.


13/10 14:00 Roxy 3

15/10  21:30 Estacao NET Botafogo 1

KÓBLIC (Kóblik), dir. Sebastian Borensztein. Argentina/Spain 2016. 92 min 1977, Argentina lives its early days under the dictatorial regime. Thomas Kóblic is a Navy captain about to face the most difficult mission of his life: coordinate operation "death flight”. Haunted by the terrible fate of political prisoners in his country, Kóblic makes a decision that forces him to flee to a small town, where a new life begins, now as a wanted man. A deserter who gave up a secure life to implement a risky plan in the pursuit of justice. With Ricardo Darin, from director Sebastian Borensztein (Chinese Take-Away).


7/10 14:00 Cinemark Downtown 6

7/10 19:00 Cinemark Downtown 6

8/10 21:30 Estacao NET Ipanema 1

9/10 21:15 Cine Odeon - Centro Cultural Luiz Severiano Ribeiro

HERMIA & HELENA (HERMIA & HELENA), dir. Matías Piñeiro. 87’.

USA/Argentina 2016.

Matías Piñeiro, director of Viola and The Princess of France, continues his Shakespeare-inspired series with his most recent feature film. Partly inspired by the director’s own personal story, we follow Camila, a playwright who must work on a Spanish translation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a way to get art scholarship in New York. Soon, she is launched upon a series of dalliances,

extraordinary encounters, delightful love detours, dead ends, and new beginnings. Locarno and Toronto Film Festivals 2016.


7/10 13:00 Roxy 2

8/10 16:30 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 1

10/10 15:30 Reserva Cultural Niteroi 4

O AUGE DO HUMANO (El Auge Del Humano / The Human Surge) dir. Eduardo Williams. 100’. Argentina/Brazil/Portugal 2016. Buenos Aires. Exe has just lost his job and is not looking for another one. Online, he meets Alf, a boy from Mozambique who is also bored with his job and is about to follow Archie, a boy who fled into the jungle. Through the dense vegetation of the forest, Archie tracks the path left by ants. One of them wanders off course and comes across Canh, a Filipino, who is about to go back to his home town, where a grueling and miserable job awaits. Best film at Locarno’s Filmmakers of the Present award 2016. This is his first feature film.


12/10 19:00 Estacao NET Ipanema 1

14/10 14:00 Museu da República

16/10 19:00 C.C. Justica Federal

A IDEIA DE UM LAGO (La Idea De Un Lago / The Idea Of A Lake)

dir. Milagros Mumenthaler. 82’. Switzerland/Argentina/Qatar 2016.

Inès, a professional photographer, decides to complete a book she has been working on before she gives birth to her first child. This project, related to the memories of her childhood, always brings her back to the same place: the family home in Argentina scenario of her youth where her character was built. Amid these memories, the only photo with her and her father, missing since the military dictatorship, serves as a starting point for a puzzle of fragmented memories about the relationships Inès had with her mother and her brother. From the same director of Back to Stay. Locarno 2016.


11/10 19:10 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 4 «

13/10 17:30 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 2

DOLORES (Dolores), dir. Juan Dickinson. 98’. Argentina, 2016

Dolores is a woman of Scottish descent who returns to Argentina, her family’s home, after her sister’s death. In addition to taking care of her orphaned 8-year-old nephew, she wants to finally come to terms with Jack, her brother-in-law, for whom she still nourishes an old love. During World War II, rivalry between the British and the German becomes personal when Dolores falls in love with Octavio Brand, son of Germans, who being a potential enemy turns into an unexpected romance. Now Dolores will have to decide between these two men.


11/10 19:15 Reserva Cultural Niteroi 4

15/10 18:45 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 4

LA VINGANÇA (La Vingança / El Revenge) by Fernando Fraiha. 90'

Brazil/ Argentina, 2016

After receiving the cryptic message "We need to talk", Caco decides to surprise his girlfriend and ask her to marry him, but he ends up finding her with an Argentinean man. Vadão, Caco’s best friend, drags the ex-future groom to Argentina in a nonsense quest for revenge. While Vadão tries to revive their teenage years, Caco remains focused on winning back his love. But, nothing goes as planned. This is Fraiha’s first film as a director.


7/10 22:30 Roxy 3

8/10 17:10 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 2

10/10 17:40 Estacao NET Ipanema 2

12/10  22:00 Kinoplex S.o Luiz

O CRISTO CEGO (EL CRISTO CIEGO), by Christopher Murray. 85’. Chile/France 2016.

Michael believes he has experienced a divine revelation in the desert. His neighbors are incredulous and quickly turn him into the town’s fool. When a childhood friend is involved in an accident in a remote village, Michael goes on a barefoot pilgrimage through the desert hoping to cure his friend by a miracle. A journey to traverse the desperation of a society in need of faith and a lesson on how to survive in a social context of risk in Chile’s most powerful religious pole. Venice Film Festival 2016.


12/10 21:00 Esta..o NET Ipanema 1

15/10 18:15 Instituto Moreira Salles

16/10 14:00 Roxy 3

19/10 13:45 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 4

KÉKSZAKÁLLÚ (Kékszakállú), by Gastón Solnicki. 72’. Argentina, 2016

An unconventional portrait of several women immersed in their bodies, friends, lovers, routines, and, above all, in economic and spiritual recession. The Argentinian economic turmoil serves here as a trigger for wealthy young women raised in a world of privileges to flee towards a truly liberating experience. Loosely inspired by the opera Bluebeard's Castle, the film takes shape as a generational inertia, tale with

stories of women trapped by work and time-off hours in Buenos Aires and Punta del Este. Venice and Toronto film festivals, 2016.(LEP)

11/10 20:50 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 4 «

15/10 14:30 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 4

16/10 19:20 Instituto Moreira Salles

TODO O RESTO (Todo Lo Demás / Everything Else) by Natalia Almada.

98’. Mexico/US, 2016.

Doña Flor is a bureaucrat and she makes that clear in the color of her beige blouse, her shoes without heels, and her knee-high skirt. For more than three decades she has been spending her days meeting with outraged citizens for whom she is nothing but a lifeless bureaucrat. In the exclusive company of her cat, she devotes her evenings to obsessively listing the people she has met during the day. Inspired by German philosopher Hannah Arendt who described bureaucracy as one of the worst forms of violence, this is a mesmerizing contemplation of solitude.  


15/10 18:30 Roxy 3

16/10 13:10 Esta..o NET Botafogo 1


Bolivia /Qatar, 2016

Elder Mamani’s father has died. It seems like the boy couldn’t care less. In the  outskirts of the mining town of Huanuni, he will start a new life with his grandmother and godfather, Francisco, who got him a job at a mine in the region. However, the new routine won’t last long, as Elder is more interested in getting high and wandering about dangerous areas at night. The quiet life of the family will change when the young man stumbles upon a dark secret regarding Francisco’s involvement in his father’s death. Locarno Film Festival 2016.


7/10 19:00 C.C. Justica Federal

9/10 18:20 Cine Joia

14/10 13:15 Roxy 2

16/10 19:00 Cinemateca do MAM

A LONGA NOITE DE FRANCISCO SANCTIS (La Larga Noche De Francisco Sanctis / The Long Night Of Francisco Sanctis) by Andrea Testa And Francisco Márquez. 80'. Argentina, 2016.

Buenos Aires, 1977. During Argentina's military dictatorship- the bloodiest in Latin America - Francisco Sanctis receives information of two people sentenced to “disappear”. This quiet middle-aged man, without any political ties, is stunned by the urgency of the situation. That night he must make a crucial decision: whether or not put himself at risk to save the lives of others. An adaptation of the novel by Humberto Costantini. Selected for the Cannes’ Un Certain Regard and BAFICI, 2016.


10/10 21:45 Estacao NET Botafogo 1

11/10 17:50 Esta..o NET Ipanema 1

12/10 17:30 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 4

13/10 16:00 Roxy 3

MINHA AMIGA DO PARQUE (Mi Amiga Del Parque / My Friend From The Park) by Ana Katz. 85’. Argentina/Uruguay, 2015.

While her husband works in Chile, Liz struggles to take care of her infant son. Feeling out of place amongst the tight-knit group of other parents at the park, Liz becomes friends with a factory worker Rosa, a single mother. The friends’ increasingly apparent class differences, along with swirling rumors about Rosa’s family situation, feed Liz’s suspicions that her new pal might be a negative influence on her fragile life. An honest approach to the public and private faces of motherhood, the film casts the insecurities and exaltations of female friendship.

Special Jury Award at Sundance, 2016.


8/10 13:45 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 4

8/10 21:15 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 4 «

10/10 19:45 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 4 «

12/10 17:20 Roxy 1


PRIMEIRO JANEIRO (Primero Enero /January), by Darío Mascambroni. 65’. Argentina, 2016.The life of 8-year-old Valentino has been going through many changes. His parents just got divorced and plan to sell the family home in the mountains, where he used to spend summer at. During their last stay in the house, his father, George, plans to share a family tradition with his son, but Valentino proposes new rules that defy the ritual’s nature. Starting from their differences, tension arises compromising that last January in the mountains. Best Argentine film award at BAFICI 2016. This is the director’s first feature film.


8/10 19:30 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 4 «

9/10 17:40 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 2

14/10 20:45 Roxy 1

16/10) 14:30 C.C. Justica Federal

SOLAR (SOLAR) by Manuel ABRAMOVICH. 76’. Argentina, 2016.

In 1991, when he was only 10, Flavio Cabobianco published his book Vengo del sol, where he philosophized about God and the universe. The publication became a bestseller in Argentina and turned its author into a New Age phenomenon. Twenty years later, he decides to republish it and accepts the proposal to make a documentary about his story. Yet as soon as they begin filming, he becomes resistant to the director’s ideas. The constant questioning from the has-been child prodigy ends up jeopardizing the production, turning the documentary into a power struggle between Flavio and the director. BAFICI 2016.


12/10 18:00 Instituto Moreira Salles

13/10 13:00 Roxy 1

16/10 20:00 Oi Futuro Ipanema

AQUI NÃO ACONTECEU NADA (AQUÍ NO HA PASADO NADA / MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING) by Alejandro Fernández Almendras. 94’. Chile, 2015.

Vicente is a typical bon-vivant playboy. One Sunday night, he is drinking and driving around with other young men he barely knows. The drive is interrupted when something collides with the car. The trauma gains new proportions the following morning when they find out that a father of three was the victim of a hit-and-run. In its most recent work, Alejandro Fernández Almendras (To Kill a Man) revisits a true event that caused a stir inChilean media with a story about the structures of power and corrupted justice system of his home country. Berlin and Sundance Film Festivals, 2016.


11/10 22:15 Kinoplex S.o Luiz 4 «

12/10 17:10 Museu da Rep.blica

16/10 13:00 Roxy 1

18/10 13:00 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 2

TEMPESTADE (Tempestad) by Tatiana Huezo. 105’. Mexico, 2016.

In a morning like any other, Miriam is arrested and charged for human trafficking without any supporting evidence. The violence she suffered and to which she was exposed during her imprisonment left a deep void in her life. Adela works as a clown for a traveling circus. Ten years before, her life changed irreversibly and every night during her show she recalls her missing daughter, Monica. In a subjective and emotional journey, this is the story of two women, a portrait of the paralyzing power of fear and the impact of the violence afflicting Mexico. Berlin Film Festival 2016.


7/10 14:00 Instituto Moreira Salles

9/10 18:00 Oi Futuro Ipanema

10/10 20:00 Cine Joia

11/10 19:00 C.C. Justi.a Federal

HISTÓRIAS DOS DOIS QUE SONHARAM (Historias De Dos Que Soñaron / Tales Of Two Who Dreamt) by Andrea Bussmann And Nicolás Pereda. 82’. Mexico/Canada, 2016.

Once upon a time, there was a building in Toronto, a place where people waited for the decision regarding their asylum applications: a stamp for a new life in Canada. Sandorné and Sandor tell stories about building their family and the past. A child is transformed into a bird, a woman goes mad after her son’s death, a family of Hungarian Gypsies refugees cling for life in another country. mix of fiction and documentary, this purgatory on Earth proves to be not only a place of suffering but also a fertile environment for fables and dreams. Berlin Film Festival 2016.


7/10 14:00 Museu da Rep.blica

8/10 16:15 Instituto Moreira Salles

10/10 18:00 Cine Joia

11/10 19:00 Cinemateca do MAM

ESTRANHA (Rara) by Pepa San Martín. 88’. Argentina, 2016.

Since their parents split up, Sara and her younger sister live with their mother, whose new partner is a woman. Their everyday life flows like that of any other family and Sara is quite comfortable with the new household make-up. Nonetheless, not everyone sees it that way and Sara's father has his questionings about the life his daughter is living. During the celebrations of her 13th birthday, she will have to deal with her first crush and the numerous changes in her body, while also managing conflicts of loyalty between her parents. Berlin Film Festival 2016.


7/10 19:15 Esta..o NET Ipanema 2

8/10 14:10 Esta..o NET Botafogo 1

11/10 15:20 Reserva Cultural Niter.i 4

12/10 13:00 Roxy 2