While a large part of the festival is targeted towards the resident Brazilian public, Festival do Rio also has a very strong industry section. RioMarket offers seminars, Master Classes, industry screenings, one-to-one scheduled meetings, and networking events covering film, home entertainment and television.

The full RioMarket program for 2015 - and information about how to register - will be found on the market site at: www.riomarket.com.br. The majority of the RioMarket events are centred at or around the festival HQ.

Brazilian Market 2014

Despite Brazil hosting the World Cup in 2014, the Brazilian box office set new records, both for ticket sales and receipts, and for the second year running managed to break the magic 150 million ticket sales barrier. Tickets sales in Brazil for 2014 totalled 157.2 million, 4 per cent up on 2013, with revenues up over 11.5 per cent, when compared to the record breaking year of 2013, to total R$1.97 billion (although with the fall in the value of the Real this may be less in US dollar terms than in 2013). 387 films were released in Brazil in 2014, of which 114 were from Brazil.

After the US and Brazil, countries with more than ten titles released in Brazil in 2014 included France, Argentina, UK, Germany, Canada and Spain.

In 2014 Brazil had 746 operating movie theatres offering 2,833 screens. The average price of a ticket increased 7.2% from R$11.71 in 2013 to an average R$12.55 (US$5.3) in 2014.

In 2014 dubbed films took a 59% market share, compared with 28% for subtitled films, with the market balance being the domestic Brazilian releases. For some films the dubbed version took over 70% of the overall gross compared to the subtitled prints.

The market share for Brazilian films in their own domestic market in 2014 was 12.4 per cent in terms of admissions (19 million), roughly the same share as 2011, but below the highs of 19% in 2010 and 18.6% in 2013 when nearly 28 million tickets were sold for Brazilian films. A total of 114 Brazilian films were released in 2014 compared with 129 in 2013 and 89 in 2012.

Fox was the top distributor in the Brazilian market in terms of gross revenues in 2014, followed by Disney, Warner, Paramount and Sony.The leading distributors of Brazilian titles were Downtown/Paris, Imagem, Disney, Sony and Fox.

The top grossing film of the year in Brazil in 2014 was Disney’s Maleficent which grossed R$73.6 million (US$31 million) and sold 5,755,297 tickets, but the most watched film was Fox’s The Fault in Our Stars, which sold 6,181,584 tickets and grossed R$69 million (US$30 million), despite being released during the World Cup. In 2013 the top grossing and most watched film had been Disney’s Iron Man 3 which sold 7,673,639 tickets and grossed nearly R$97 million (US$43 million). 

Até que a Sorte nos Separe 2 (photo), released in December 2013, sold close to 4 million admissions, just over 3 million of them in 2014, and grossed over R$44 million, making it the most successful Brazilian film at the domestic box office in 2014.

The top grossing Brazilian film to be released in 2014, however, was O Candidato Honesto which sold 2,185,07 tickets and grossed R$24 million (US$10.2 million). The other top five grossing Brazilian films released in 2014 were Os Homens são de Marte, S.O.S. Mulheres ao Mar, Muita calma nessa hora 2 and Vestido pra Casar.

O Candidato Honesto and S.O.S. Mulheres ao Mar were the only Brazilian films to reach number one at the box office in 2014, although two Brazilian directors did top the box office, José Padilha with RoboCop and Carlos Saldanha with Rio 2.