​In a small community near the Brazilian-Uruguayan, boder the relationship between father and daughter is transformed. He is Ruben, a 40 year old man who got blind at a young age. She is Nalu, a 16 year old girl changing into a woman. They will have to learn how to live as father and daughter after Olga's death, Ruben’s strong and overprotective mother, who raised them almost like siblings. Affection gives place to conflict when Rosario, an attractive Uruguayan, gets into their lives.​

Cristiane Oliveira

Cristiane Oliveira

​Born in Porto Alegre, she began her career as a director and screenwriter of short film Messalina (2004), which was selected for 25 festivals worldwide and won 13 awards, among them best screenplay at the Brasilia Festival. Her following short, Guests (2008), was screened at 11 festivals. This is her first feature film as a director.​

  • Mulher do pai


Edição 2023