Published in 10/16/2022

The 24th annual Festival do Rio (Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival) announced its winners Sunday (16 October) for the competing sections of the festival including Première Brasil, Première Brasil - New Directions, and the Felix Awards that recognise films that celebrate LGBTQIAP+- culture and topics.

Première Brasil is considered one of the world’s main showcases for Brazilian cinema and in 2022 seventy Brazilian productions were selected - among features and shorts - from new talent as well as established directors from the more than 450 short films and 200 feature films submitted for consideration to the festival.

The awards were announced and presented during a gala ceremony at the historic Cine Odeon in Cinelândia in the centre of Rio de Janeiro. The festival had run from 6 to 16 October. 

Première Brasil - Redentor Trophy - 2022

Jury: Antonio Pitanga (president), Andreia Horta, Bernard Payen, Eleanora Granata-Jenkinson, Clelia Bessa, João Jardim.  

Best Fiction Feature: Paloma, by Marcelo Gomes (Carnaval Filmes)

Best DocumentaryExu e o Universo (Esu and the Universe), by Thiago Zanato (Em Caliente Films)

Best ShortEscasso (Scarce), by Clara Anastácia and Gabriela Gaia Meirelles (FomoFilmes)

Special Jury PrizeMato Seco em Chamas (Dry Ground Burning), by Adirley Queirós and Joana Pimenta

Jury - Honorary Mention: 7 Cortes de Cabelo no Congo (7 Haircuts in the Congo), by Luciana Bezerra, Gustavo Melo and Pedro Rossi

Best Director - Feature Fiction: Julia Murat, for Regra 34 (Rule 34)

Best Director - Documentary: Juliana Vicente, for Diálogos com Ruth de Souza (Conversations with Ruth de Souza)

Best Actress: Kika Sena, for Paloma

Best Actor: Dario Grandinetti, for Bem-vinda, Violeta! (Welcome, Violeta!)

Best Supporting Actress: Aline Marta, for Carvão (Charcoal)

Best Supporting Actor: Timothy Wilson, for Fogaréu

Best Screenwriting: Carolina Marcowicz, for Carvão (Charcoal)

Best Editing: Matheus Farias, for Propriedade (Property)

Best Cinematography: Joana Pimenta, for Mato Seco em Chamas (Dry Ground Burning)

Best Art Direction: Marines Mencio, for Carvão (Charcoal)

Première Brasil - New Directions (Novos Rumos) 2022

Jury: Sara Silveria (president), Eduardo Ades,  Dina Salem Levy, Alice Marcone.

Best Film: Três Tigres Tristes (Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter), by Gustavo Vinagre (Carneiro Verde Filmes)

Best Director: Leonardo Martinelli for Fantasma Neon (Neon Phantom)

Special Jury Prize: Maputo Nakuzandza, by Ariadine Zampaulo

Best Short: Curupira e a Máquina do Destino (Curupira and the Machine of Destiny), by Janaina Wagner

Felix Awards 2022

The winners, selected from films screening in this year’s Festival do Rio that celebrate LGBTQIAP+- culture and topics, are:

Jury: Ailton Franco Jr; Luiza Shelling Tubaldini; Marcio Debellian; Mayara Aguiar.

Best FeaturePaloma, by Marcelo Gomes (Carnaval Filmes)

Best Documentary: Corpolítica (Political Bodies), by Pedro Henrique França (Pigossi Produções Artisticas)

Jury - Honorary Mention: Não é A Primeira Vez que Lutamos pelo Nosso Amor (It’s Not the First Time We Fight For Our Love), by Luis Carlos de Alencar

Best International Film: Mi Vacío y Yo (My Emptiness and I), by Adrián Silvestre (Spain)

Special Jury PrizeWill-O’-the-Wisp, by João Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal / France)


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