Published in 12/14/2019

Première Brasil, one of the most anticipated and popular sections of Festival do Rio, and the main competitive section of the festival, screened nearly 90 features and shorts by new and established Brazilian directors, films that offered the most varied themes and stories from every region and corner of  this vast country.

An important shop window for Brazilian cinema both internationally and domestically, Première Brasil gave audiences the chance to see the films and then meet and talk with the filmmakers and actors. The cinema going public also voted for the best film in the categories of fiction, documentary and short, while an official jury awarded the festival’s Redentor trophy across a diverse range of categories from the films in official competition.

For a list of the 2019 prize winners CLICK HERE

New Directions (Novos Rumos), a competitive section of the festival that has grown in popularity each year with Rio audiences, screened nine features and seven shorts in 2019 from new and established directors.

Part of Première Brasil, Musicals Portraits presented six films in 2019 looking at personalities, facts and institutions relevant to the history of Brazilian music and Brazil. Due to the diversity of themes, other Brazilian films screened right across Festival do Rio in sections as varied as Panorama, Première Latina, Unique Itineraries, Frontiers and Generations.

The Brazilian films (and co-productions) that screened during Festival do Rio from 9 to 19 December 2019 included:


  • Acqua Movie (Acqua Movie), by Lírio Ferreira, 105 min - PE
  • A Febre (The Fever), by Maya Da-Rin, 98 min - RJ
  • Anna (Anna), by Heitor Dhalia, 106 min - SP
  • Breve Miragem de Sol (Burning Night), by Eryk Rocha, 98 min - SP
  • Fim de Festa (Party Over), by Hilton Lacerda, 94 min - PE
  • M8 - Quando a Morte Socorre a Vida (M8), by Jeferson De, 88 min - RJ
  • Macabro (Macabre), by Marcos Prado, 103 min - RJ
  • Pureza (Pureza - The Movie), by Renato Barbieri, 102 min - DF
  • Três Verões (Three Summers), by Sandra Kogut, 94 min - RJ


  • Amazônia sociedade anônima (Amazon Uncovered), by Estevão Ciavatta, 80 min - RJ
  • Favela É Moda (Favela is Fashion), by Emílio Domingos, 75 min - RJ
  • Fé e Fúria (Faith and Fury), by Marcos Pimentel, 103 min - MG
  • Flores do Cárcere (Prison Flowers ), by Paulo Caldas and Barbara Cunha, 70 min - SP
  • Mangueira em 2 Tempos (Mangueira in 2 Beats), by Ana Maria Magalhães, 90 min - RJ
  • Minha Fortaleza, os Filhos de Fulano (My Fortress), by Tatiana Lohmann, 84 min - SP
  • Ressaca (Vertigo of Fall), by Vincent Rimbaux and Patrizia Landi, 86 min - RJ
  • Sem Descanso (Restless), by Bernard Attal, 78min - BA


  • 30 Anos Blues (30 Years Blues), by Andradina Azevedo and Dida Andrade, 91 min - SP
  • A rosa azul de Novalis (The Blue Flower of Novalis), by Gustavo Vinagre and Rodrigo Carneiro, 70 min - SP
  • Casa (Home), by Letícia Simões, 93 min - PE
  • Chão (Landless), by Camila Freitas, 110 min - DF
  • A Torre (The Tower), by Sergio Borges, 72 min - MG
  • Sem Seu Sangue (Sick, Sick, Sick), by Alice Furtado, 100 min - RJ
  • Sete Anos em Maio (Seven Years in May), by Affonso Uchôa, 42 min - MG
  • Terminal Praia Grande (Terminal Station), by Mavi Simão, 74 min - MA


  • A Mentira (The Lie), by Klaus Diehl and Rafael Spínola, FIC, 10 min – RJ
  • Apneia (Apnea), by Carol Sakura and Walkir Fernandes, FIC, 15 min – PR
  • As Viajantes (The Travelers), by Davi Mello, FIC, 11 min - SP
  • Bicha-bomba (Queer-Bomb), by Renan de Cillo, DOC, 8 min - PR
  • Carne (Flesh), by Camila Kater, DOC, 12 min – SP
  • Carvão (Coal), by Miguel Guimarães de Goes, FIC, 15 min – RJ
  • Copacabana Madureira (Around Copacabana), by Leonardo Martinelli, DOC, 18 min - RJ
  • Enraizada (Rooted), by Tiago Delácio, DOC, 8 min - PE
  • Nosso Tempo (Our Time), by André Emidio, FIC, 15 min - RJ
  • Quando a Chuva Vem? (When Will it Rain?), by Jefferson Batista, FIC, 8 min - PE
  • Sangro (I Bleed), by Tiago Minamisawa, Bruno H. Castro e Guto BR, DOC, 7 min - SP


  • Baile (Summer Ball), by Cíntia Domit Bittar, FIC, 15 min – SC
  • Bonde (Bonde), by Asaph Luccas, FIC, 18 min - SP
  • Codinome Breno (Code Name Breno), by Manoel Batista, DOC, 20 min - RN
  • Entre (Between), by Ana Carolina Marinho and Bárbara Santos, FIC, 15 min – SP
  • Histórias para Contar (Breaking the Silence), by Julia Lemos Lima, DOC, 25 min – RJ
  • Revoada (Take Wing), by Victor Costa Lopes, FIC, 14 min – CE
  • Sem Asas (Wingless), by Renata Martins , FIC, 20 min – SP


  • Abe (Abe), by Fernando Grostein Andrade, 85 min - SP
  • A Divisão (The Division), by Vicente Amorim, 134 min - RJ
  • Aos Nossos Filhos (Our Children), by Maria de Medeiros, 105 min - SP
  • Boca do Ouro (Golden Mouth), by Daniel Filho, 93 min - RJ
  • Carlinhos e Carlão (Macho Man), by Pedro Amorim, 93 min - RJ
  • Depois a Louca Sou Eu (Losing My Marbles), by Julia Rezende, 86 min - RJ
  • Intervenção (Intervention), by Caio Cobra, 90 min - RJ
  • O Traidor (Il Traditore), by Marco Bellocchio, 145 min - Itály, France, Brazil, Germany
  • Pacarrete (Pacarrete), by Allan Deberton, 97 min - CE
  • Pacificado (Pacified), by Paxton Winters, 120 min - SP
  • Piedade (Mercy), by Cláudio Assis, 98 min - RJ
  • Veneza (Venice), by Miguel Falabella, 93 min - RJ


  • Babenco - Alguém tem que ouvir o coração e dizer: Parou (Babenco - Tell Me When I Die), by Bárbara Paz, 75 min - SP
  • Barretão (Barretão), by Marcelo Santiago, 85 min - RJ
  • Encarcerados (Jailers.doc), by Claudia Calbri, Fernando G. Andrade and Pedro Bial, 72 min - SP


  • Sofá (Firefly), by Bruno Safadi, 71 min – RJ
  • Segundo Tempo (Second Half), by Rubens Rewald, 107 min - SP


  • Alfredinho (Alfredinho), by Roberto Berliner, DOC, 15 min - RJ
  • Amnestia (Amnestia), by Susanna Lira, DOC, 15 min - RJ
  • Tuã Ingugu [Olhos d'Água] (Water Eyes), by Daniela Thomas, DOC, 9 min - RJ


  • 30 Dias - Um carnaval entre a alegria e a desilusão (30 Days), by Valmir Moratelli, 72 min - RJ
  • A Maldita (A Maldita), by Tetê Mattos, 80 min - RJ
  • Arto Lindsay 4D (Arto Lindsay 4D), by André Lavaquial, 74 min - RJ
  • Blitz, O Filme (Blitz, The Movie), by Paulo Fontenelle, 90 min - RJ
  • Chorão: Marginal Alado (Outcast Rockstar), by Felipe Novaes, 75 min - SP
  • Gilberto Gil Antologia Vol.1 (1968/87) (Gilberto Gil Anthology Vol.1 (1968/87), by Lula Buarque de Hollanda, 73 min - RJ


  • A Mulher da Luz Própria (The Woman With Her Own Light), by Sinai Sganzerla, 74 min - SP
  • A Última Gravação (The Last Audition), by Isabel Cavalcanti and Celia Freitas, 71 min - RJ
  • Banquete Coutinho (A Treat of Coutinho), by Josafá Veloso, 74 min - SP
  • Madame (Madam), by André da Costa Pinto and Nathan Cirino, 80 min - RJ
  • Movimentos do Invisível (Movements of the Invisible), by Flávia Guayer and Letícia Monte, 75 min - RJ
  • Quatro Dias com Eduardo (Four Days with Eduardo), by Victor Hugo Fiuza, 76 min - RJ


  • A Nossa Bandeira Jamais Será Vermelha (Our Flag Will Never Be Red), by Pablo Lopez Guelli, 72 min - SP
  • O Mês Que Não Terminou (Endless June - Brazil’s New Political Culture), by Francisco Bosco e Raul Mourão, 90 min - RJ
  • O Paradoxo da Democracia (The Paradox of Democracy), by Belisário Franca, 71 min - RJ
  • Outubro (October), by Maria Ribeiro and Loiro Cunha, 79 min - SP
  • Partida (Departure), by Caco Ciocler, 93 min - SP


  • Alice Júnior (Alice Júnior), by Gil Baroni, 86 min - PR
  • Lugar de Fala (Place of Speech), by Felipe Nepomuceno, 74 min - RJ
  • Que os Olhos Ruins Não te Enxerguem (May The Evil Eyes Not See You), by Roberto Maty, 76 min - SPJ
  • Raia 4 (Lane 4), by Emiliano Cunha, 96 min - RS


  • Aos Olhos de Ernesto (Through Ernesto’s Eyes), by Ana Luiza Azevedo, 123 min - RS
  • Breve historia del planeta verde (Brief Story From the Green Planet), by Santiago Loza, 75 min - Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Spain
  • La Arrancada (On the Starting Line), by Aldemar Matias, 63 min - France, Cuba, Brazil
  • Nona. Si me mojan, yo los quemo (Nona. If They Soak Me, I’ll Burn Them), by Camila José Donoso, 86 min - Chile, Brazil, France, South Korea
  • Poetas del Cielo (Sky Poets), by Emilio Maillé, 101 min - Brazil, México


  • Doidos de Pedra (Crazy in Stone), by Luiz Eduardo Ozório, 80 min - RJ
  • Família de Axé (Axé family), by Tetê Moraes, 76 min - RJ

Prizes  presented on the closing night to films in Première Brasil included:

Première Brasil - Redentor Trophy

  • Best Fiction Feature
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Short
  • Best Director - Feature Fiction
  • Best Director – Documentary
  • Best Actress
  • Best Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Screenplay 
  • Best Editing
  • Best Cinematography
  • Special Jury Prize

Première Brasil - Audience Awards

  • Best Fiction Feature
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Short

Première Brasil - New Trends (Novos Rumos)

  • Best Film
  • Best Short
  • Special Jury Prize 


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