It was a beautiful party at Espaço BNDES, in Rio de Janeiro, last Sunday, October 16th. Among 35 movies selected for competiont at Premiere Brazil, 15 were awarded with the Redentor Prize, in different categories, announced by the hosts of the ceremony, the Brazilian actors Antonio Calloni e Isis Valverde. 

Fala comigo, directed by Felipe Sholl, was chosen by the jury the best movie of the Festival do Rio 2016, in the fiction category. This is the first movie directed by him and tells the story of Diogo, a teenager who gets romantically involved with one of the patients of his mother, a psychoanalyst.

_ I am very happy with this award _ said Sholl. _ I've worked at the Festival for many years and now my first feature film wins the big prize. I am very happy. I hope my movie helps making Brazilian audiences less conservative. We made our best to get the movie done. It took eleven years to make it. So the prize is very special to all of us.

A luta do século, directed by Sérgio Machado, won the Redentor for best documentary. The movie tells the story of two boxers,  Luciano Todo Duro and Reginaldo Holyfield, iconic figures of boxing matches in the Northeast of Brazil. 

Among the movies that shows new trends in Brazilian cinema, the winner was the feature Então Morri, directed by Bia Lessa and Dany Roland. And the Special Jury Prize was awarded for Redemoinho, directed by José Luiz Villamarim.

Karine Teles, from Fala Comigo, was elected best actress and the best actor award was shared by Nelson Xavier (for Comeback) and Julio Andrade, (for Redemoinho and Sob Pressão). The best supporting actress was Verónica Perrotta (for Mulher do Pai) and the best supporting actor was Stepan Nercessian (Sob Pressão).  Cristiane Oliveira was chosen the best feature director (for Mulher do Pai ) and Sérgio Oliveira won the prize for best documentary direction (for Super Orquestra Arcoverdense de Ritmos Americanos).

The winners of the Redentor for People's choice were Era o Hotel Cambridge, directed by Eliane Caffé (fiction movie category) e Divinas Divas, directed by Leandra Leal (documentary category).

The direction of the Festival do Rio also awarded the Feliz Award for the best movies against prejudice and discrimination: Rara, directed by Pepa San Martin (fiction) and Divinas Divas, by Leandra Leal (documentary). The Suzy Capó Prize for Personality distinguished in the fight against prejudice was the top model Lea T.

The FIPRESCI Critic's prize was given shared by two movies: Viejo Calavera, directed by Kiro Russo, and Era o Hotel Cambridge, by Eliane Caffé.

Ilda Santiago, director of the Festival do Rio, talked about the 18th edition of the festival, during the ceremony in Rio:

_ After eleven day in a marathon to see such excelent movies, to celebrate the best of the international cinema and the Brazilian productions of the year, we thank directors, producers, actors and all the professionals who work with us to make such a big party for cinema in our beloved city, Rio de Janeiro. So thank you all very much! _ said Ilda.

Festival do Rio 2016


Première Brasil 


Charles Tesson (presidente), critic and director of the Critic's Week of Cannes Festival, e Maria Augusta Ramos (film director), Rodrigo Santoro (actor) e Sandra Kogut (film director):

BEST  MOVIE - FICTION  Fala Comigo, directed by Felipe Sholl

BEST MOVIE - DOCUMENTARY -  A Luta do Século, directed by Sérgio Machado

BEST SHORT MOVIE - O Estacionamento, de William Biagioli 

SHORT MOVIE SPECIAL MENTION - Demônia, um Melodrama em 3 atos, de Fernanda Chicollet e Cainan Baladez

BEST DIRECTOR (FEATURE FILM) -  Cristiane Oliveira por Mulher do Pai

BEST DIRECTOR (DOCUMENTARY) - Sérgio Oliveira por Super Orquestra Arcoverdense de Ritmos Americanos 

SPECIAL MENTION FOR DIRECTOR - Marcos Prado, for Curumim

BEST ACTRESS – Karine Teles for Fala Comigo

BEST ACTOR – Nelson Xavier, por Comeback and Julio Andrade por Redemoinho e Sob Pressão

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS – Verónica Perrotta for Mulher do Pai

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Stepan Nercessian por Sob Pressão

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY – Fernando Lockett por Superorquestra Arcoverdense de Ritmos Americanos e Heloisa Passos por Mulher do Pai

FILM EDITING-  Marcio Hashimoto por Era o Hotel Cambridge

BEST SCREENPLAY -  Martha Nowill e Charly Braun for Vermelho Russo

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE – Redemoinho, by José Luiz Villamarim

NEW TRENDS - Jury _ Beth Sá Freire (curator), Eron Cordeiro (actor) and Marina Meliande ( producer and film director). 

BEST MOVIE (NEW TRENDS CATEGORY) -  Então Morri, directed by Bia Lessa and Dany Roland

BEST SHORT FILM (NEW TRENDS CATEGORY) -  Não me prometa nada, by Eva Randolph

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE (NEW TRENDS) -  Deixa Na Régua, by Emílio Domingos

SPECIAL MENTION (NEW TRENDS): actress Layla Kayã Sah for Janaína Overdrive, by Mozart Freire


BEST MOVIE (FICTION): Era o Hotel Cambridge, by Eliane Caffé

BEST MOVIE (DOCUMENTARY):  Divinas Divas, by Leandra Leal

BEST SHORT MOVIE:  Demônia, by Fernanda Chicollet e Cainan Baladez

FIPRESCI CRITIC'S PRIZE - (JURY; Klaus Eder, Ivonete Pinto e Filippo Pitanga): Viejo Calavera, directed by Kiro Russo and Era o Hotel Cambridge, directed by Eliane Caffé


JURY: Katia Adler, Milton Cunha, Gilson Packer

BEST MOVIE (FICTION):  Rara (Estranha), by Pepa San Martin

BEST MOVIE (DOCUMENTARY):  Divinas Divas, by Leandra Leal

SPECIAL JURY PRIZE: Love Snaps, by Daniel Ribeiro and Rafael Lessa

Suzy Capó Personalidade Felix Prize of 2016:  Top Model Lea T


MOSTRA GERAÇÃO - WINNER OF PEOPLE'S CHOICE PRIZE:  Brujerías, directed by Virginia Curiá -  Espanha / Brasil


Festival do Rio 2016 - From October 6th to 16th 2016 /